Kina or B grade roe in 100g or 150g punnets

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We can deliver to your door Australia Wide, additional freight charges will probably apply, please contact us for a quote.



New discounted prices on Kina/B grade!



Centrostephanus rodgersii - Black Spiny Sea Urchin


Our sea urchin roe comes from the cool pristine waters of the South Eastern Australia, packed fresh in chilled brine, this premium kina/sea urchin roe is natures best.   

The grade of the roe can be varied and so can the colour however it all tastes delicious. If you require a particular grade of urchin roe then please contact us to discuss your requirements.   Each punnet contains either 100 or 150 grams of sea urchin roe.

We sell punnets in minimum order quantities and can provide portioned bags and 'A' Grade punnets for restaurants.  Surcharges will apply for small orders, please email us for more information.


A minimum order of 10 punnets is only available in Sydney.   Please select the quantity and where to ship to.

Discounts may apply for larger orders.


See Below for shipping information.


Your order is refrigerated and processed as soon as it hits the wharf. It is then delivered within 12 hrs of processing, Australia wide. 

You can then pick the parcel up from the freight carriers everywhere except Sydney and Melbourne and Canberra from between 6.00am - 12.00 midnight 7 days a week in most deliverable cities. Your order is held in refrigeration, at the airport for your pickup. Alternatively you can then have it couriered to your address of choice. 

Please note that all orders in Sydney Melbourne and Canberra include delivery to your door.

For all other areas Sea Urchins Australia can also organise a courier. 

Please note: Outside of Sydney Melbourne and Canberra, prices cover delivery to the nominated airport only, any further freight arrangements need to be made at time of ordering or prior to ordering.  Please contact us with any questions regarding freight.

If you live outside of the cities listed above then please contact us to discuss logistics of delivery.

We aim to have your order to you within 6 working days of ordering, however at times this may be longer due weather or delivery to areas outside of capital cities, sometimes it is shorter.

*Weather Permitting.


If you have any further questions please contact Sea Urchins Australia.

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