Sea Urchins Australia Policies

A.B.N. 1777123420


Sea Urchins Australia is the sole owner of the information collected at www.sea-urchins.com.au 

Information is collected at various points on our web site.

In order to use all of the services provided users may have to become members and complete the required Login and Registration Forms, supplying personal information.

Type of Information collected:

Contact information such as name, address, telephone numbers and email address are collected and stored. When users sign up and use a credit card, the credit card details are not stored. The details are transmitted electronically and deleted.

Information Use

Sea Urchins Australia will not publish or display members’ contact or financial information. Further, Sea Urchins Australia will NOT provide a third party with contact details, including email addresses, at any time.


Sea Urchins Australia customers may be contacted directly by Sea Urchins Australia for a variety of service and/or marketing reasons. Such communication will include but is not limited to: Special Offers and Updates, Newsletter, Service Announcements and the like.

Such contact will be via normal email. It is the responsibility of each Sea Urchins Australia member to ensure that personal contact information, particularly the email address is kept current and valid.


This web site takes every reasonable precaution to ensure privacy and to protect members information, particularly contact information and financial information. Where sensitive information such as financial information is requested (eg credit card details) , that information is encrypted and protected to the highest industry standard in common use – SSL.

We also do everything reasonable possible to protect members information in the off-line environment. Only senior and trusted employees ever get to see members sensitive information on an “as needs” basis in order to complete a particular task.

Returns Policy

Return goods policy

Whilst every effort is made by Sea Urchins Australia to ensure our goods and services conform to the highest standards of quality, we recognize that sometimes problems may occur. If there is a problem with your delivery we need to correct it as quickly as possible to save you any further inconvenience.

Sea Urchins Australia is under no obligation to accept goods for return (i.e.  replacement or credit claim) and may refuse to at our discretion and without reason.

So that your request for return may be handled as efficiently as possible, we ask that you adhere to the following procedures at all times.


1. It is your responsibility to check the delivery (if applicable) before signing for delivery. Any discrepancy in the number of cartons received must be noted on the consignment there. The name of the person receiving the goods must be clearly legible at all times.

2. It is your responsibility to check the goods to the invoice upon delivery.

3. It is your responsibility that any discrepancy, breakage, damage etc. must be notified to Sea Urchins Australia by e-mail or phone upon delivery, quoting invoice number, goods code, date and reason. If there is visible damage to the exterior of carton/s or box/s you must check the contents prior to accepting goods from the freight company/courier. If damage is noted to contents inside of carton/box you must not accept the order and contact us immediately.  Failure to do so may result in the claim not being recognized.


If Sea Urchins Australia agrees to accept goods, pursuant to the above paragraph/s, we may request that all freight/handling charges be paid for by you. You agree that approval or rejection for warranty claim, replacement or credit, can only be finalized once returned to Sea Urchins Australia for assessment.

The following reasons are not valid:

Goods rendered unsaleable due to marking and soiling of packaging or contents, within your premises or vehicle/s, other than a fault in manufacture. This is acted upon after you have signed for goods from freight company or courier.

Goods which have reached expiration date, provided that the goods were supplied by Sea Urchins Australia.

Goods received and held for more them three days before claim request notification.

Unpackaged goods that left our warehouse with packaging.

Goods not accompanied by a proof of purchase.

Claims for damages or breakages on consignments that are sent with Australia Post or where freight insurance is not requested, or by your own freight carrier.

Goods purchased by you from Sea Urchins Australia over six months prior may be refused for claim.


The buyer will assume all responsibility for freight/handling or mailing charges to and from Sea Urchins Australia.

Sea Urchins Australia reserves the right to accept or deny any claim until the item is inspected by us.

Under no circumstances will loss or damage to property, physical injury, or financial loss be entertained.

Whilst all care is taken, Sea Urchins Australia does not accept liability for any negligence we may have caused.


Terms of Service

Sea Urchins Australia

A.B.N. 1777123420

Terms & Conditions

1. Pricing R.R.P and G.S.T

All prices are subject to change without notice. Our price list should be used as a guide only. Prices are quoted before freight/handling, and charges are inclusive of 10% G.S.T. where applicable (fresh seafood does not have the G.S.T. applied).  All goods are subject to Australian G.S.T regulation. Recommended retail prices are quoted as G.S.T. inclusive.

2. Order acceptance and/or refusal.

We may accept or decline, in whole or in part, an order from you. We may amend quantities ordered. We may substitute goods of a similar price and nature if agreed to, by you.

Once an order is placed with us, it becomes binding from the moment we receive it, if cancelled due to "change of mind" a credit note may be issued for the amount of the order if order has not been processed.

Where orders include items that have been ordered in specifically for that order no cancellation of the order is possible.

We accept no responsibility for orders placed or queries made by person/s that mislead us to believe they act on your behalf.

3. Payment & credit terms.

All invoices are payable prior to their dispatch from supplier.  Any approval by us to grant credit terms will be notified in writing to the applicant and must be strictly adhered to as per the terms granted.

4. Your liability.

You are liable to us for all goods charged to you or your account, until paid for in full.

5. Ownership of goods.

Ownership of goods passes to you at the time of payment or time of ordering if credit terms are approved. We remain the owner of all goods covered by an invoice until you have paid in full the invoice value of those goods.

6. Payment methods.

The applicant acknowledges that Sea Urchins Australia accepts payments by means of: Credit Card (visa, MasterCard), Direct Deposit into nominated bank account and Paypal.

 – All credit card payments are processed immediately and upon approval goods are shipped.

7. Default account.

We may re-take possession of any goods or associated charges, not paid for in full, by entering the applicants premises or vehicle/s without liability for trespass or any resulting damage. This includes those premises or vehicle/s of an associated company or agent where the goods are stored or displayed and where we believe there are reasonable grounds to expect that we may find goods in whole or in part, within. We may keep or re-sell these re-possessed goods at our discretion.

If the applicant has sold or no longer possesses the goods and does not present payment on request from the supplier, we may take action against the applicant.

8. Debt recovery, expenses and disbursements.

You agree to pay for all costs, disbursements and other expenses incurred by us in recovering or attempting to recover any monies outstanding by you, including, but not limited by, fees incurred by our debt recovery agency, solicitor, sheriff, court hearing etc.

9. Delivery of goods.

A freight and handling fee is charged on invoice and is G.S.T applicable. The freight and handling fee may be changed without notice. The current fee/s chargeable may be confirmed with our office.

10. Return of goods.

Sea Urchins Australia is under no obligation to accept goods for return i.e. under warranty, replacement or credit claim, and may refuse to at our discretion and without reason.

All goods and invoices must be checked on arrival. All shortages, incorrect or damaged goods, must be notified to us, by email, immediately after receipt of goods, otherwise claims will not be recognized. No claim for loss or damage will be entertained where the carrier was your own carrier, Australia post, or freight insurance was not requested by you. All freight/handling charges will be on account of the buyer unless otherwise waived by us.

Where Sea Urchins Australia accepts returned goods, replacement is offered or, at our discretion, a credit to the buyer for the purchase price. All freight/handling charges will be on account of the buyer. Under no circumstances will loss of or damage to property, physical injury, or financial loss be entertained.

All returned goods must be accompanied with proof of purchase, and the original packaging before any claim will be entertained.

Contacting us

Sea Urchins Australia welcomes your comments regarding these Policies. If you have any questions about these Policies and would like further information, please contact us.