Local Retail Opportunities

Retail Sea Urchin In Your City, Town or Local Area!

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals, seafood or butcher retailers and food vendors to sell our sea urchin roe.  Is this you?
No one knows the local community like the locals.  We are offering you the opportunity to retail our sea urchins to your local community.
Do you have Maori, Greek, Italian, French Spanish or Asian communities in your area? Our product could boost local sales in your business.
We are looking for local business's and driven individuals to become a retailer/reseller of our Sea Urchin Roe.  Sell a known brand that has award winning quality, is fresh and absolutely delicious and watch your customers come back time and again.

Receive support from the Sea Urchins Australia;  Online Marketing and online links directly to you.  Referral of customers directly to you..  Full support and advice from Sea Urchins Australia.

We sell urchins all around Australia and know our customers well:  We provide assistance in growing your customer base and also help you market to your local community.

Advertise? You bet we can!  We can provide you with advertising material and high quality images to grow our award winning brand in your local area.

On the ground running;  Increase turnover or start out with the freshest and most delicious tasting sea urchin roe available in Australia, receive regular consistent supplies and watch your customer base grow.

Why are we doing this?  We retail and market to the whole of Australia and have received order requests from every corner, some large some small.  We have a minimum quantity order online and sometimes this does not suit all customers needs. This is where you will shine!

Be part of the Sea Urchins Team;  We need great local individuals who are driven and want to provide top notch service.   That is where you come in to play.

We are looking for the best!  We are looking for driven individuals or business's that strive to provide the best customer service. People who know their customers will keep coming back for more.

We need our resellers to be knowledgeable about the product and be able to communicate well. Our product speaks for itself and our customers need you, on the ground, with a smiling face.

Food quality is paramount; Our resellers must be aware and understanding of the local laws that govern the sale of seafood, to operate with all the checks and balances in place, to maintain the highest standard for food handling and to present our product the way it should be.

 Is this for you? This business opportunity would ideally suit a pre-existing seafood or butcher business, someone who operates at local markets and sells refrigerated products and who is looking to compliment their business or wanting to start a new business in their local community.  

Sea urchins are a prized delicacy to many cultures; from the Mediterranean, to Asia, from South America and South Africa right across to New Zealand.  Australia is a great multicultural nation. 

Mining towns; Do you live in or near a mining community, does you local community love sea urchin roe/kina, or have you heard of people looking for this great tasting product? We are here for you..

The approval process;  You must contact us in writing, via email. Tell us what you want to do and how you think our product will benefit you and your customers.  We will need to know if you are a registered business (if you are not then we can assist and provide advice on how to get to that point.), what facilities you have for storage and how you plan to retail our product. 

If you are serious about this and think you have a customer base that will benefit, we can provide assistance to you to build grow.

Once you are approved you will receive an area that no one else will be able to sell our product in.  Any orders placed outside of your area will be managed by other retailers or directly by Sea Urchins Australia, we want everybody to enjoy our great products.


What we require; We need your enthusiasm and great customer service skills. We will assist if need be in getting you to the next level of sales. All we require from you is that you purchase your sea urchins from us, that's it!  

This business opportunity could be a great boost to an existing income or even a stand alone income that can be quite lucrative, it is up to you.

Get started today; If you want to find out more or want to register your interest please email us and tell us who you are and what you want to do.  We will then get in contact with you and take it from there. 

The Kina Team