Frequently Asked Questions

  Welcome to our FAQ page, here we aim to list questions regularly asked by our customers, If you have any questions and they have not been answered on this page, please contact us and we will address your question the best way we can, and should it be a very helpful question to us and to our customers then we will publish it.


Q. Where do your urchins come from?

A. All our urchins are caught and processed in South Eastern Australia, once processed they are packed and shipped that day, Our product usually arrives at it's destination the next day. 


Q. What is the shelf life of your punnets?

A. We have the longest shelf life available, longer than any other supplier.  We achieve this through our unique processing techniques. Our shelf life for the kina is between 9-10 days depending on how you store them.  Our shelf life for the Uni is 7 days depending on how you store them.  Usually they are eaten before they reach their used by dates.  Please note:  You can also freeze any unused punnets of kina or Uni. We suggest draining the Brine from the kinas if possible.   Both the Kina and Uni when thawed will have a slightly mushier texture however the taste will be just as good.


Q. Are your urchins fresh?

A. Yes, the freshest urchin roe you can buy!  We use air freight to get the order to you as quickly as possible. Once order is packed it is shipped and usually arrives at it's destination within 12 hours of packing.  Our products are packed in ice and are refrigerated from the processing plant all the way through to their destination.


Q. We have seen cheaper urchins available elsewhere, why?

A. Our fishermen and processing plant hold the relevant approvals. We use Qantas freight who are also approved and any couriers used are also refrigerated and accredited. There have been some operators that charge cheaper prices that may not be approved.

Q. I don't understand your products page, how does it work?

A. We have set up one page for each product with user friendly menu's that you can choose from.  Select your chosen quantity and select your destination city. The price you see above this list is the price for the quantity and destination.

For example, if you want 20 punnets of urchin/Kina roe to be sent to Adelaide, you would select '20X punnets' and the destination 'Adelaide', the price above this list is the price for the product including freight to Adelaide airport.  We hope this helps.


Q. You offer discounts for bulk orders how does this work?

A. Ok lets look at a couple of examples; If you want to place an order and also know of others who love kina/roe and would probably place an order also you can combine orders.  We suggest that in order to get a discount, all orders firstly have to arrive at one address (will reduce freight costs), your friends and family can then come to that address to pick up their order.  If you order is 60 punnets or more and to one address we can offer a discount or free delivery to retail customers only. This suits families and friends that love sea urchins.

We can also support sporting clubs and other organisations that may want to fundraise or offer an incentive to their organisation or club members.

If you order on a regular basis, i.e weekly or monthly for 6 months minimum, then we can organise a discounted price per order that suits all parties, you will be happy!

The more regular the ordering the greater the benefit can be to you. Please contact us if you have any further questions regarding large or continual ordering.


Q. I want to do a phone order, what is the process?

A. Once you have worked out what you want, please call us and we will handle the whole transaction over the phone for you.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Paypal payments and direct deposit.  You can make your payment into our Paypal account or provide us with your email address and Paypal does the rest. Direct deposit can also be made into our account, please call us to discuss payment via direct deposit.  Money transfer can be arranged at any Australia Post Office, again please contact us to make a payment via Australia Post.  Once we have received your payment we will then email you or contact you to inform you that we have received payment. We will provide you with an order number and email you a copy of your order.   If we do not answer the phone please leave a message with your name, contcat number and order and we will call you asap to finalise the order.

This whole process only takes about 5 minutes to complete.


Q. Why don't you ship to our door?

A. We can and do ship to your door!  Local refrigerated couriers vary quite considerably in each capital city. There is no national refrigerated courier that covers every city and state so we chase this up for you if need be.  We offer local pickup from the airport to keep your costs down.  So in places like Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Brisbane and Darwin this is quite achievable because of the location of the airport and the size of the city.   Melbourne is much larger and some people live a long way from the airport and may have no choice but to get it couriered out to their house.  So we can do it, it isn't much more to organise, but there may be an additional charge for the courier, the best thing to do is contact us prior to ordering to get a quote for additional freight costs.  If your destination is not too far from the airport we have in some circumstance been able to absorb this into the initial freight cost.

Please note:  Melbourne and Sydney customers orders now include freight costs to your door.


Q. I see that you do not list rural country destinations in the menus for calculating freight, does that mean that you don't deliver to these areas?

A. We can deliver anywhere in Australia and do, the main reason for this is the logistics of setting up each major rural airport in our freight menu. If you are one of these rural customers that feels left out, we will tailor a freight plan to suit your location, you will not miss out on the freshest kinas available. It's really simple, just contact us with your requirements and we will chase up all the info for you.


Q. What other information can you provide about your freight costs and services?

A. Whilst we would love to offer free freight to everyone, we cannot. However we are able to offer free freight with orders of 55 punnets or more of sea urchin roe to our Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane retail customers. 

For orders of less than 60 punnets and or if you live outside of metro Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne or Brisbane we aim to keep delivery costs to a minimum.  Please contact us for a quote to your door, alternatively you can pick up from your local airport. Our products are held in chillers until you pick them up in capital cities and they can be delivered by our couriers.

Our urchins are refrigerated and processed as soon as they hit the wharf. They are then delivered within 10-12 hrs of processing, Australia wide. 

You can usually pick your order up from the freight holders from  between 6.00am - 12.00 midnight 7 days a week in most capital cities. Where applicable it is held in refrigeration, at the airport. Alternatively you can then have it couriered to your address of choice. 

Sea Urchins Australia can organise a courier if required in some areas. 

Please note: Prices cover delivery to the nominated airport only, any further freight arrangements need to be made at time of ordering or prior to ordering.  Please contact us with any questions regarding freight.

Sydney and Melbourne now offer delivery to your door at no extra cost.

If you live outside of the cities listed above then please contact us to discuss logistics of delivery.

We aim to have your order to you within 6 working days of ordering, however at times this may be longer due weather or delivery to areas outside of capital cities, sometimes it is shorter.


Q. We have been waiting for our delivery for 2 weeks now, what has been the hold up?

A. Thanks for the question, The whole sea urchin industry is extremely weather dependent, very rarely does a weather pattern come in and hold production for this long, however on occasion it does happen. We keep all customers informed of what is going on and get the shipment out to them as soon as production re commences. There is not alot more we can do about the weather, we have tried but with limited success. We hope that on occasion, this is a small price to pay for the freshest sea urchin roe/Kina available in Australia.

Q. I like Japanese grade Uni, do you sell it?

A.Yes, our processors do pack for the Japanese market, this is shipped as 'AAA grade dry uni'  which means it is not shipped in brine.  AAA grade Uni is more expensive than the B grade/kina grade punnets. AAA grade is available now, if you are interested please contact us with your questions.


Q. You say you can offer free delivery, can you please explain this a little more?

A. Yes Sea Urchins Australia is pleased to announce that we may be able to offer free delivery to your door*.

*Free delivery is available for retail customers only (not suppliers or resellers) who order 60 punnets or more of sea urchin roe and require delivery to their door in metro Adelaide and Brisbane.

That's right, combine your order with friends or family and save on delivery costs, we will deliver to one address and you will pay no delivery fee for orders of 60 punnets or more.  

We can also deliver to country areas outside of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Adelaide, Perth and Darwin and country areas Australia wide!  For more information please email us.

Prices quoted for Sydney and Melbourne include delivery to your door.