Customer Feedback and Testimonials

Please read the feedback below from our customers. 

 Fabulous sea urchin. So fresh and sweet. Thankyou for the great communication. I would like to highly recommend the AAA grade to anyone considering a special treat.  Alison, Vic

 Thank you for the yummiest Kinas, totally worth the money.   Reri, Melbourne, Vic

 Browsing the net for a sea urchin retailer I was a bit unsure of the outcome but it was very simple after all, Dave was very helpful, delivery on time, packaging was excellent and the roe was a bit different than the Greek we are used to but delicious! We will definitely order again. Alexia, NT


 I want to advise anyone who has any reservations of using this company, that you need not worry at all. David was VERY communicative and addressed any concerns I had.  Being a bit of a "kina snob", I was very apprehensive about purchasing because I was unsure about the taste compared to those in New Zealand. I had no need to worry at all. Though slightly different, we ate the ten punnets we ordered within a few days. Absolutely delish. We definitely would recommend the wonderful service of David to anyone and will definitely be using his services again (very soon!!)   Lohnet W, QLD


Best A grade Uni I have had in Australia, thanks for your great service, will definitely order again. Howard A, Sunshine coast QLD


Born and raised for 30yrs on the ocean in North Auckland with seafood as our main staple diet, Kina oysters, cockles, pipis, mussels, karahu, paua and crays along with snapper and mullet. 

 Twenty years ago we moved the family to Melbourne and sorely missed the fresh catch of the day. Sporadically we would be able to find or gather seafood that Melbourne offered us but kina roe was not easy to come by whether in the shell or punnets. Our only option was to network with other kiwis and the local fish markets but never able to get a regular supply.  On regular yearly visits back to NZ we would return with more frozen seafood and pineapple lumps than clothes in our luggage.

 The  kina in NZ  spawns between Nov - Feb or when the pohutukawa starts to blossom.

Then it is said to be at its sweetest, texture is creamy & smooth, palest of yellow in colour and the fattest ripe for harvesting. Eaten at other times during the year the quality of the roe can often be bitter, so the sweetness is not consistent.

 Nothing is better than fresh clean sea water unpolluted that is found around the island of Tassie, add to that the abundant algae,and kelp which is idyllic conditions for the long spine centro kina, for producing high quality kina roe, Sweet, Silky,  creamy, smooth and buttery texture on the palate

The male roe is silkier, the female roe is a firmer texture more like smooth creamota porridge (my personal observation)

The best thing ever that has happened is to have a contact like Dave who is able to get Kina in a punnet delivered to our door for less than the cost of having to dive for it ourselves, and no shells to get rid of.

Most important unless the weather is too rough for the divers you get kina delivered consistently.  For Kina Lovers who want consistency, quality, price, delivery and awesome customer service I fully recommend you do try 'Kina Dave' as we affectionately call him. Suzy M, Vic

 'The Kina tastes awesome, a bit different from NZ kina but sweet and delicious. Thanks for the fast delivery and communication.' Dave, VIC

'Very impressive. Extremely helpful and friendly service over the phone and through emails during the entire process. Was kept up to date at all times. Placed order late in the afternoon and the parcel was at my door 2 days later. Kina was well packaged and tastes great. Would highly recommend!!!'     Veasna k, VIC

'Sea Urchins Australia were a miracle! they helped me get hard to find fresh Kina's to a very sick friend. David was friendly and professional, he provided excellent communication and excellent customer service. He went above and beyond! I would highly recommend this company and their products which are of excellent quality and are kept as fresh as they are straight out of the ocean. I will definitely use this company again and have recommended it to all my friends and family without hesitation.'          Kristy B, NSW

'Excellent product , well presented for frozen shipping, great taste and well managed for retail purpose,worth the dollars; old saying  you want, you buy. Tim T, NT

 'Thanks for such fast service, this product is exceptional and tastes great, I will definitely purchase more when required'
Andy D, NT