Centros Have Spawned

by Dave Blogger on June 19, 2012


Winter Is Here And The Centro's Have Spawned

Yes we are sad to say that the Centros are finished for the season.
Don’t despair the Helios are just around the corner.

Yesterday was the last day of the season for the Centro Sea Urchin, they have all pretty much started to spawn and have geared up for their annual breeding cycle.  This season has been great for the quality of the Centro roe, our customers have been very happy with the size and taste.    We are about a month away from the Helio Sea Urchin to be in season, don't worry we will let you know when they are available.
For those who have not had the opportunity to taste the Helio, they are slightly smaller in tongue size, slightly sweeter and absolutely delicious!

Our First Year of Operation

This is our first year of operation and our customer base has been growing steadily, it has been exciting to see where our customers come from and what comments they have had about the taste and quality of Australian Sea urchin Roe.  Our customers are all in Australia however their taste for sea urchin roe stems from their ethnic origins.  They have been exposed to the pleasures of the sea through generations of living and feeding from the oceans of the world. Some of our customers come from New Zealand, Africa, Greece, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia and China, there are also a few Australians venturing into the unknown magnificent taste too.
Thanks to all who have given Sea Urchins Australia a go and have had the opportunity to taste great quality food and to have experienced great service, thanks again for your feedback.