Angasi/Bluff Oysters Are Back In Season

by Dave Blogger on May 23, 2012

 We are pleased to announce that our Angasi/Bluff oysters are back in season.  They are available in punnets or whole, we cannot guarantee that all will arrive alive if we freight them live as they are wild and sometimes it is very hard to tell. However we can freight them in punnets shucked and ready to consume.  Please contact us if you require more information.


Ostrea angasi is a native oyster to Australia that is commonly referred to as the flat oyster, mud, bluff, Port Lincoln or Belon oyster. It is an oceanic species, found throughout  river estuary habitats that have a significant tidal flow with the ocean. Its natural distribution spans from mid-New South Wales all along the southern coast of Tasmania and up into the Swan River in Western Australia. This particular species of oyster is also similar to its European cousin, the European flat oyster ostrea edulis.

The Angasi Oyster has a mild to strong taste that is a delight to eat, can be eaten raw or cooked and is very similar in taste to the Bluff Oyster of New Zealand hence being called a Bluff oyster. The Bluff Oyster is a delicacy to the Maori and the Angasi seems to be a great substitute to homesick Kiwi's.