Live Whole Urchin Now For Sale

by Dave Blogger on August 25, 2011

Live Urchins Available!
We have just launched our new page selling live short spined urchins (Helio's).  Sea Urchins Australia are able to ship live urchins to any state in Australia.
Please have a look at our site to see this new product, minimum order is for 10 kg. Freight will be included in the indicated price and you will have the option to select the quantity required and the closest capital city airport to where you live.  All prices listed cover the retail price and freight component to that airport. Additional freight charges may apply in order for the delivery to make it to your door, this can be organised by Sea Urchins Australia or by you; Alternatively the parcel can be picked up from the airport from our freight company's cool room.  All shipments are refrigerated and held in refrigeration for pickup.
Live Urchins are great for, restaurants  who serve urchin roe and want a 'shell' to present the product and anyone who loves the fresh sea taste of the urchin and wants to 'crack it open'
Please have a look at our new page and let us know what you think.
The Kina team