Long Spined Centro Sea Urchins In Season

by Dave Blogger on November 30, 2011


Our large tongued Centro's are back in season

Fresh Kina every week, large tongues, creamy and delicious.

We are pleased to be able to offer our most popular kina, the long spine Centro.  This Sea Urchin has been in season for the last two weeks and will run right through to about May 2012.
They are a larger tongue than the Helio's and are the kina of choice for many people. For those that have not tasted them, they are rich and creamy, delicious fresh or can be added to any seafood recipe in place of almost any seafood.  They taste like the ocean, however not as salty. We have had nothing but great reports from our customers. These urchins are harvested from the chilled waters of Tasmania, some say they are very similar to the NZ KInas.

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